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Key features of iVisa

iVisa project helps to increase the income of the companies which deal with the entry tourism. This On-line service gives you an opportunity to earn on sale of official invitations which are necessary for foreign citizens to get a Russian visa.

  • Easy integration

    You can easily add iVIsa form to your website. It will have the same style as your Internet resource and it will not destroy integrity of your website. After integration process has been finished the visitors of your website get an opportunity to order visa invitations on-line.

  • You have your account

    Your private account is used for setting up the account of your organization and making different reports. The easy interface of iVisa lets you manage the service to satisfy your requirements.

  • Detailed reports are available

    In special section of your private account you can find reports, which show the detailed statistic of visa invitations orders. With the help of these reports you will have a clear view of sales changes and new clients.

iVisais an Internet service, which helps to make visa invitations for foreign citizens.

What is a visa invitation?

According to the law, citizens of the most countries in the world must have a special document for getting a visa – a visa invitation.

Who has the right to give invitations?

Invitations can be given by Russian tour operators or hotels, which have been registered in MFA of Russia and which have their own touristical reference number.

How can you use iVisa?

If you place iVisa reservation form on the homepage of your company, Internet-users will be able to order invitations without your participation.