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Main features of iVisa for foreign citizens

The main purpose of the Internet-service iVisa is to help foreign citizens in getting an official invitation to Russia. According to the law this document must be submitted in diplomatic mission or in consulate to get a Russian visa.

Main features of iVisa:

  • Simplicity

    Reservation form is maximum simplified and you must put only the most important information. You don't have to spend your time for interface examination.

  • Speed

    The order process consists just of 4 easy steps. You get the complete set of official documents in several minutes.

  • The opportunity to order several invitations at once

    With iVisa you can get invitations for several persons at once. The complexity and duration doesn't depend on their number.

  • Multilingualism

    The interface of iVisa service supports Russian and English, so you can get your visa invitation without translation difficulties.

  • Automatic dispatch of the documents

    The invitation to enter Russia, which you get after finishing the reservation process, will be sent direct to your e-mail. It's much quicker and more practical than by post or fax.

  • Convenient to pay for the order

    You pay for your visa invitation during the reservation. To get the complete set of the documents you need only your credit card.

Actually iVisa helps different parties of business relations to find each other.
TravelLine Company is the technical partner and the founder of a iVisa program part. TravelLine works in the Russian industry of hospitality from 2009 year. Online booking system of hotel and sanatorium rooms refer to its products which are developed specially for domestic accommodation facilities.

iVisais an Internet service which helps to make visa invitations for foreign citizens.

What is a visa invitation?

According to the law, citizens of the most countries in the world must have a special document for getting a visa – a visa invitation.

Who has the right to give invitations?

Invitations can be given by Russian tour operators or hotels, which have been registered in MFA of Russia and which have their own touristical reference number.

How can you use iVisa?

If you place iVisa reservation form on the homepage of your company, Internet-users will be able to order invitations without your participation.